How many items come in your starter package?

We do not have a set number of items that we include since each package is built to order.  Please see our blog post here for more info.


It says sign in for price, but I'm already signed in. 

We probably disabled your account because we were unable to locate your business with the information you provided when registering and did not respond when we attempted to reach out to get more info about your business. If you are actually a re-seller and we just missed it, please contact us.


I want to order from you, but I live outside the US.  Can I still order from you?  What forms of payment do you accept?

We only ship to the fifty states.  Unfortunately, this means that we do not ship directly to outlying US territories or internationally.

If you are still interested in ordering from us, you would need to have your order shipped to a US freight forwarder and pay by bank transfer ONLY.

If you have been ordering from us at least three times spread over at least three months AND you are in Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico or Canada, please contact us to let us know if you would prefer to pay by credit card. 


There was an item I really liked that isn't in stock anymore.  When are you guys going to get it back in?

Most of our glass is hand-made and single-run only so if the item you wanted is an unbranded pipe, bubbler, or water pipe chances are that we will not be getting it back in again. This means that if you see a piece you really like that you want to carry for awhile, scoop it up because we cannot guarantee that we will have them going forward.  

The bright side to this is that we are always getting fresh new things in so check our new products section frequently.

If the item you want is anything else - metal or wood pipes, synthetic urine or detox, acrylic or silicone pipes, baggies, scales, any of our branded items except for 6b glass, etc. - then please contact us at customerservice@spswholesale.com to let us know.  


Can you guys send me a catalog or a price list?

Our website serves as our catalog for all purchases.  All current pricing and item availability information can also be found on our website.


Do you guys drop ship?

We do not.


Why not?

In a whole lot of ways, our business model, customer service procedures and packing procedures all depend on a comparatively small number of larger volume orders. In addition, we can't guarantee ongoing availability of most of our handmade glass items which will cause a whole bunch of customer service problems for your business (and by extension, for ours since we want you to be happy with your order). 

I don't want to go into too much detail here, but if you're really interested in how our business model operates please contact me at customerservice@spswholesale.com and I would be happy to discuss it further.