Do I have to be a business to order from you?

Yes.  Our website is for wholesale purchases only. Please include your Tax ID & business information with your registration and first order to avoid any delays. If you are not ordering for resale, please talk to your local smoke shop about placing an order with us. Any referrals are appreciated.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you try to place an order on our website and we can't find your business with the info you provided, we will try to contact you to get proof that you are ordering for resale. If we can't reach you after 3 business days or you can't give us that info, your order will be cancelled and any authorization to your card will be voided.

While we will void the transaction right away, very often your bank will take much longer to get the funds back to you. This can take as long as two weeks or more depending on your bank. We have no control over how long it will take, but will be happy to provide you with any receipts you need to get your bank to release the funds back to you sooner. See more about credit card authorizations and voiding. Please, for your own convenience, do NOT attempt to place an order on our website if you are a not a business ordering for resale purposes. 


Are the prices on your website wholesale?

Please log in to your account with us for wholesale pricing. If you are logged into your account with us, all prices you see should be our wholesale prices.


What is your minimum order? 



How many of this pipe do I get when I order one?

One. All of our pipes are ordered individually unless it clearly says otherwise in the item title or description (this is rare). We show multiple pipes in the photos to show the variety of colors and styles you can expect to receive when you order that SKU.  

I am very sorry but we are unable to accommodate requests for particular colors or styles. If an item can be ordered by color, there will be an option to select colors when adding that item to your cart. 


How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping on most orders if your order is over $750.00. Alaska & Hawaii orders are excluded, as is any order paid by COD. If your order is under $750, please check the shipping estimate once you have the items in your cart - shipping rates are based on your location and the estimated weight & dimensions of your package. 


How long will shipping take?

Normally, packages can take up to two business days (Monday-Friday, closed most major holidays) to leave our warehouse and up to 5 business days in transit by UPS Ground, for a total of 3-8 business days depending on where in the country you are in relation to us (we're in Northern California). 



How many items come in your starter package?

We do not have a set number of items that we include since each package is built to order.  Please see our blog post here for more info.



What forms of payment do you accept?  What about PayPal or electronic checks? Debit cards?

On first time orders, we accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), bank transfers/deposits, or Behalf ONLY. We do not have the ability to accept PayPal or electronic checks.


After your first order, you can also pay by cashier's check or money order on delivery (COD) - please note COD is never part of our free shipping promotions and cannot be combined with rush shipping. COD payment and shipping must be selected together or your order may be delayed while we attempt to contact you to approve the changes to your order.


Debit cards and gift cards must have the logo of one of the major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) to be accepted.


I want to order from you, but I live outside the US.  Can I still order from you?  What forms of payment do you accept?

We only ship to the fifty states.  Unfortunately, this means that we do not ship directly to outlying US territories or internationally, so you would need to use a freight forwarding address if you wanted to order.

If you are still interested in ordering from us, and our website will not accept your credit card, you will need to pay by bank transfer ONLY.


There was an item I really liked that isn't in stock anymore.  When are you guys going to get it back in?

Most of our glass is hand-made and single-run only so if the item you wanted is an unbranded pipe, bubbler, or water pipe chances are that we will not be getting it back in again. This means that if you see a piece you really like that you want to carry for awhile, scoop it up because we cannot guarantee that we will have them going forward.  

The bright side to this is that we are always getting fresh new things in so check our new products section frequently.

If the item you want is anything else - metal or wood pipes, synthetic urine or detox, acrylic or silicone pipes, baggies, scales, any of our branded items - then please contact us to let us know.  


Can you guys send me a catalog or a price list? What about an Excel spreadsheet with UPC's?

Our website serves as our catalog for all purchases.  All current pricing and item availability information can also be found on our website.

Most of our items are handcrafted imports and do not have UPC's, so we are unable to send a spreadsheet with the UPC's for our products.  


Do you guys drop ship?

We do not offer drop shipping services at this time.


Is your glass American made?

The majority of our glass is imported but we do sell some American glass. Anything made in the US is tagged with "(US Made)" next to the title.

A note to our customers: Please please please do not misrepresent our glass as US made when it is not. Consumers have the right to know where their pipes are made and we do not encourage being dishonest with your customers. If you're not sure about the origin of an item, shoot us an inquiry and we'll be happy to let you know.