• DigiWeigh Scales

    Dec 11th 2018

    DigiWeigh Scales

    We've gotten a lot of defective item claims for the DigiWeigh scales recently and I thought it might be helpful to post a bit more information about how these scales are packaged.Below, you will find…

    Published by Rainah

  • Yabba Dabba Doo

    Aug 28th 2018

    Yabba Dabba Doo

    Does earwax appeal to your customers? Are they looking for a stylish way to smoke some legal concentrates that look like earwax? Luckily, we just got some dab rigs  (a few with Legend-of-Z…

    Published by Alyssa

  • Torch Lighters & Troubleshooting

    Aug 20th 2018

    Torch Lighters & Troubleshooting

    Have your customers always dreamed of welding but opted for smoking instead? Do your customers want to set stuff on fire legally? All of their pyromantic dreams just came true with the induction of…

    Published by Alyssa

  • New Silicone Just In!

    Aug 15th 2018

    New Silicone Just In!

    It’s no secret that glass pipes are one of the most traditional ways to enjoy a smoke, but there is a new competitor approaching giving glass a run for its money: silicone. This unorthodox alternati…

    Published by Alyssa

  • Prop 64 & You

    Jan 4th 2018

    Prop 64 & You

    Hi Everyone!With everything that's going on here in California, we're starting to get a lot of interest in new accounts. We're thrilled that so many of you are considering us as your first wholes…

    Published by Rainah