A Higher Love: Valentine's Day Wholesale Smoking Accessories

A Higher Love: Valentine's Day Wholesale Smoking Accessories

Published by Alyssa on Feb 3rd 2024

Valentine’s Day is upon us. A day to live. A day to laugh. A day to love. But most importantly, a day to celebrate the joy of smoking. Forget the antiquated way of spending the day in the arms of your beau. What your customers really need is to be embraced by the sweet hazy ecstasy of festive wholesale smoking accessories. That’s right: the red, the pink and the floral. And we have all the products to help set your heart aflutter and enrapture your customers in all of those cheesy romantic vibes. Let’s dive in and help you play Cupid and make a true love connection between some smoking supplies and your customers.

Now think…what is an all-time V-Day classic? No, not break-up songs and discount chocolate. Roses! Roses may be considered one of the ultimate displays of affection for that special someone, even if that special someone is yourself. If you don’t get a dozen of the real ones then get a dazen of our Ome Rose Palm Leaf cones. What’s more romantic than burning the universal symbol of passion and love? Put the petal to the metal and light up the night with the rosy, amorous aroma. Sparks will be flying, perhaps from the torch lighters your customers could have at their disposal. Regardless, it’s a match made in heaven. Not feeling roses? Add some pink to your roll with Elements Pink wholesale rolling papers – they offer the same burn as the OG Elements rice rolling papers but all in a pretty pink package. If your customers are less concerned about appearance and more about taste, then we carry plenty of strawberry and sweetly flavored rolling papers and cones that may suit their fancy. They’re no conversation hearts but they will "Be Yours".

Let’s see, what else…what else… Right! Chocolate! Now, isn’t that a bit cliché? Why not be more original and offer some  CBDDelta 8 or Delta 9 instead! An abnormal aphrodisiac perhaps, but it might help relax your customers for their inevitable hot date with whatever legal smoking herb they opt for. As Luther Vandross, who is second only to Barry White for bow-chicka-wow-wow music, once said it’s “never too much”. Sure, he was referring to kisses (of the non-Hersey variety) but why can’t the same apply for those scrumptious  CBD gummies? Consider the botanical blend, an experience that isn’t enough to make your customers sleepy but will relieve them of stress just enough to enjoy the evening they have ahead. Not spicy enough? Soak and savor with Grateful Dude’s Rose bath salts! Sweet and salty – what a pair.

Now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include wholesale glass pipes and water pipes amongst the list of smoking hot Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. Continuing with the pink theme, we have hand pipes galore – pinkpurple, red and every shade in between. Consider also a few of our  neon glass water pipes; while the green might not be to everyone’s liking, the pink and purple certainly would be. Want more than simple color association? Give your customers the option of picking up a glassy bouquet for their beloved with Empire Glassworks Pink Tulip bowl or Lotus bowl. If your customers want to go big or go home then they could opt for the bright and cheery Empire Glassworks Yellow Flower beaker. Looking for something a bit naughtier? Check out the Empire Glassworks Boobie bowlFleshlight chillum, and phallus pipe; those should capture some hearts and minds (or at the very least attract customers).

However your customers to choose to celebrate the day of love, we have just the smoking supplies to help them go steady with. Forget fleeting flings and shop our full selection of charming smoking supplies here.

Please note all of our products are for legal use only. Please also note that we are a business to business wholesale company, so you must own or operate a business and, if necessary, be able to provide documentation such as a Tax ID/EIN confirmation letter, a business license, or a state resale license to purchase from us.