Starter Packages

Starter Packages

“How many items come in your starter packages?” has to be the single most common question we get asked by email or by phone. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to that question and here’s why:

Each starter package is built to order after the order has been placed. We don’t have a list of pipes that go into each starter package – the items for the package come from our current stock and are selected based on what we know is doing well for us along with newer items that we think are cool. Our selection is always changing with new items coming in every week, so the items that get included in our packages change just as often.

The other big reason we don’t have a good estimate is that there is no “standard” package really – every customer has their own preferences and selections. I can say that if you don’t have any requests and we don’t know anything else we include the following for packages $500 & under:

  • 25% glass hand pipes
  • 25% bubblers
  • 25% dry herb and wax water pipes
  • 25% other – a mix of animal pipes, chillums, & metal/wood/stone pipes

For larger packages, we try to talk with you whenever possible to learn more about your shop. If that’s not an option, we reduce the amount of bubblers and the “other” category to include more nice water pipes that the smaller packages don’t have room for. All packages include 10% extra above the sticker value, with all items priced as you see on our website.

We do our packages this way so that you can take advantage of our ever-changing selection at a bargain price. We are happy to customize our packages however you like – just send us an email and we will work with you to make sure the package you receive meets your shop’s needs.

Jun 8th 2017 Rainah

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