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Color Changing Glass Rasta Chillum Large Rasta Bulb Chillum
Color Changing Glass Rasta ChillumLarge Rasta Bulb Chillum

Color changing glass chillum with rasta colored stripe accents and glass bulb features. Approximate size: 3.5" Approximate weight: 25g

Glass chillum with rasta colors and bulb accents. Approximate size: 3.4" Approximate weight: 31g



(US Made) Glass Blunt Dichro Frit Chillum
(US Made) Glass BluntDichro Frit Chillum

Glass blunt. Two piece glass blunt with color accents. Thick, heavy duty glass. Made in US. Approximate size: 4" Approximate weight: 22g

Frit glass chillum with green marble accent and sparkly dichro stripe. Colors may vary. Approximate size: 3" Approximate weight: 20g