$50 Package Deal (5% Bonus)



Choose from a variety of options to customize your own package deal. We will choose items for you based on the options you select. We will choose only the best selling items for each package and each package will be valued at an approximate 5% product bonus to package. This option is perfect for those who do not have the time to spend picking and choosing between the many items available on our site. 

Product photo is an example. Actual products received may vary drastically from items shown depending on option choices.

This package is great if you just want a few water pipe and dabbing accessories like banger nails,dab tools, downstems, bowls etc. and you don't know what to get or you just want us to throw a variety. Just mention that you want "water pipe and dabbing accessories"in the Special Instructions Box. (You can also ask for just dry herb accessories or just dabbing accessories too)


While it is difficult to provide an exact item count and we do not offer an item count guarantee, if you select mixed items, mixed value with no requests, most of our packages in the past have contained APPROXIMATELY 8-12 items. Again, this is not a guarantee - item counts will vary based on our current selection, the options you select & any requests you may have.


COVID 19 Notice: The items we put in our starter packs are the same items that are available on the rest of our site, so if items are not available elsewhere they are also not available in our starter packs. This means, for example, that if we are out of dab rigs on our site and you order a starter pack with "dab rigs only" we will not have the items to fulfill your package and will have to treat it as an out of stock item.