Damage Claims

Damaged & Defective Items

If you receive items that are damaged or defective, please follow these steps within two business days of receiving your shipment:

  1. Take photos of any damaged or defective pieces & email them to customerservice@spswholesale.com.
  2. Make sure to include your invoice number and the item codes for all pieces to help us quickly process your claim.
  3. Also include whether you would prefer replacement items, a credit on your next order or a refund. We will only ship one replacement shipment per order free of charge, so please make sure to go through your order thoroughly before reporting damages.
  4. Hold onto all damaged/defective items until you hear back from us. We do our best to respond to all damage claims within two business days.  If you have not heard from us within two business days, please give us a call to make sure that we received your email. 
  5. Once we have received your claim, we will email you back. If a return or inspection of the package is necessary, we will let you know at that time.
  6. After we have emailed you a replacement invoice or credit memo, you can safely discard any damaged or defective pieces.
  7. If a return or inspection is required, we will send a return label or notification of inspection time by email and send replacements or issue a credit/refund as soon as we receive the items back or the inspection has been completed.


TL;DR – Take pictures, email them to us (include your invoice number & item codes & how you would like to be compensated) and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can with the next steps. Don’t throw anything away until you hear back from us.


IF YOU DO NOT TELL US HOW YOU WOULD PREFER TO BE COMPENSATED FOR THE DAMAGED ITEMS (CREDIT, REPLACEMENT OR REFUND), WE WILL DEFAULT TO ACCOUNT CREDIT. If you prefer something else, just let us know - account credit can be redeemed for replacements or a refund at any time.

 Please note that our damaged and defective items are meant to cover items that are damaged on arrival or non-functional. If an item was damaged in some other way (dropped by a customer or in the shop, etc.) it is not eligible for reimbursement.  Also, the vast majority of our pieces are hand made and as with all hand-made items there will be minor variations in form and color that are not considered defects such as the placement of the carb hole, the size of the bowl, etc.


Missing Items & Packing Errors

We have two associates carefully double check each shipment to try and prevent missing items, but we understand that sometimes we make mistakes. Before reporting missing items, please make sure that there are no out of stock notifications on the invoice included with your package.

Please report missing items promptly - waiting more than two weeks may be grounds for denying your claim. 

We video tape the packing of every order and reserve the right to check the footage for missing items. This may result in delays of up to one business day in processing your missing item claim. 

Once your missing item claim is investigated and approved, we will send out replacements or issue a refund if replacements are unavailable as soon as possible, usually the same business day.