Damage Claims

So you received damaged items or didn't receive all your items.  Here's what you need to do:

1. STOP- don't throw anything away! (Including the box & packing materials.)

2. Let us know within ONE WEEK of delivery!

Email: customerservice@spswholesale.com 

Phone: 1-877-744-9439

Text: (916)851-1005



Okay, so that's the really important stuff. If you want to be a rockstar and make your claim go as fast as possible, then please also include the following with your email or text:

1. Your Invoice Number

2. Our SKU's

3. Photos of the damaged items

4. Your preferred form of compensation (store credit, refund, or replacements). If you do not tell us your preference, we will issue store credit. 


Once you've let us know, all you need to do is sit tight. It can take up to two business days to process your claim if we're busy. 

If it's urgent or it's been longer than two business days, please give us a call to make sure we received the claim. 

This bears repeating.  Please please please do not throw anything away until you hear back from us. If a UPS inspection is needed, the packing material and box will be required and we may have to deny your claim if they are not available.


Fine Print: 

Missing items absolutely must be reported within one week of delivery. Not reporting them within one week may result in us having to deny the claim, so please inspect your shipments promptly.

We send out one free replacement shipment per delivery, so please inspect the entire delivery before reporting your claim. There will be a small charge for shipping for additional replacements from the same delivery. 

Once the item goes home with the end user, we can no longer cover any damages or defects, so please make sure to thoroughly inspect all items for defects and test vaporizers out in your store before they leave the store. 

Store credit can be converted to a replacement shipment or refund to your original payment method at any time unless you have already used your free replacement shipment for the invoice the claim is from or we explicitly state otherwise (this is very rare). Exception: We cannot issue refunds through Behalf. In the event you no longer wish to shop with us and do not want any of our merchandise but are owed store credit when you pay with Behalf, a refund will have to be issued by check.

For Atmos products only: Atmos requires that all defective item claims go directly through them, especially once it's already gone home with the end user. To avoid this issue, please double check all units while they are still in your store before they go home with the customer and refer customers to their warranty registration page when they make their purchase.