420: Shop It Like It’s Hot, Wholesale Style

420: Shop It Like It’s Hot, Wholesale Style

Published by Alyssa on Mar 12th 2021

With stimulus checks hitting stoners' bank accounts and with their Christmas fast approaching, now has never been a better time to stock up on wholesale smoking accessories and supplies. For your customers to blaze it this smoker’s holiday season, you’ll need to raise it – the amount of inventory you have in you shop, that is.

There are various old wives' tales referencing the origins of the elusive and hazy history of 420, however the most consistent and steadfast belief is that it was established by 5 teens at a Northern California high school searching for a soon-to-be legendary herb plant owned by a member of the Coast Guard. 4:20 PM was their meeting time each day, and as such, 4:20 became the time and eventually date of smokers’ everywhere lighting up for a universal toke. Other more-bazaar, and less-feasible theories for this include Hitler’s birthday (April 20th, 1889), a flyer at a Grateful Dead concert with the sequence, and a Bob Dylan song, Rainy Day Women (though that one involves some math) What truly matters, though, is how your shop is intending to cash in on the glorious opportunity for sales this season.

While 420 is typically celebrated with large gatherings, group smoke sessions, and immense pipe-passing, COVID has squashed much of those social prospects, forcing people indoors to sit down and smell the flowers independently. This could be a potential benefit, however, as it forces both experienced and non-experienced smokers to purchase their own gear, so the key is hooking the newer, baby smokers in with small, easy purchases such as wholesale pipe/grinder/jar kits, while also retaining your regulars with some top shelf glass like Empire Glassworks or RooR. This means your selection should include various price-points and be all-inclusive, and that you, as an experienced shop owner, should have suggestions at the ready. It may also mean that you include inexpensive giveaways or freebies with purchases over a certain dollar amount or run all-encompassing sales.

Also consider running additional discounts or targeted specials for veterans, seniors, first-time customers, or employees. With sales such as these, knowledge is key and getting the word out via social media, in-store signs, or with old-school flyers included with purchases made prior to the sale are all valuable advertising methods. Word-of-mouth, while vastly untraceable in its’ origin, is another indispensable advertising resource as smokers hang out with other smokers, and you want them to know about you awesome deals. While we may not be able to fully assist in marketing your customers, we can certainly assist with the preparation. You won’t want to run out of inventory on the big day!

So how are you going to stock up? Well, luckily, all you’ll need to do is browse our website for a killer selection and a comprehensive format for purchasing all you’ll require for a successful sale. Shop popular products with our bulk pricing, such as our selection of select wholesale silicone pipes and wholesale glass water pipes, if you’re planning on stocking a high volume of the same types of products. If you don’t have the time as a hustling-bustling smoke shop owner to pick and choose from our rocking variety, then let us take the time to select what you’ll need, within the parameters you set with our Starter Packages. Choose from different price-points, different products, or include special instructions for a more tailored package.

Once you’ve sold through all of your glass via the rapid success of your 420 promotions, we’ll still be here and reliable as ever for a re-stock, so check out our collection of wholesale hand pipesbulk water pipes, and other smoking accessories.

Disclaimer: All of our wholesale pipes are for legal use only.