Your Best Bud: CBD

Your Best Bud: CBD

Published by Alyssa on Sep 23rd 2019

Cannabidiol: the final frontier. Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive, non-addictive, all-legal relative of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the element that induces a “high” feeling and results in a “trippy” experience (or extreme munchies). Derived from the marijuana plant, otherwise known as cannabis, hemp, Mary J. (not to be confused with Mary J. Blige), CBD is alleged to have various health benefits including the aid of feelings of anxiety and depression (unfortunately we can’t vouch for the existential dread part). While there is limited research and little substantiated data, many claim that it relieves pain and acne and allieviates epilepsy or cancer-related symptoms. It has been deemed the “miracle drug” by countless consumers for these very reasons.

Nowadays, if you don’t want to smoke your way to bliss, then you can buy wholesale CBD in the form of consumable (and quite scrumptious) gummiesdrinkstincturesvapes, and capsules. Alternatively, we also carry bulk topicals for arthritis and muscle pain, beards, and satisfaction. Do your furry friends also need some relief? Check out our wholesale Pure Paws and wholesale Hemp Bombs pet line, including paw buttershampoo, and CBD pet oil. Some CBD products are considered “full-spectrum”. What is this full-spectrum that we speak of? Well, besides CBD and THC (the two head honchos of the marijuana/hemp plant) there are about 200 other discovered cannabinoids known as terpenes or terpenoids to create the all-consuming “entourage effect” (similar to a bunch of people popping out from behind couches during a birthday party). Broad-spectrum is full-spectrum without the THC, so there’s no high, but all the beneficial effects.

This entourage effect’s effectiveness is somewhat dependent on the strain of plant you choose to consume and if you choose to consume the entire plant (just imagine Whole Foods trying to market this). Ideally, you would consume the entire plant via smoking (please note that all of our pipes and water pipes are intended for tobacco use only) or a manufactured extract and consolidated, broad-spectrum consumable, like a gummy or capsule. Like people, the various components of the hemp plant work better in teams.

From a legal standpoint, opinions differ between federal and state governments. According to the 2014 US Farm Bill, research institutions are permitted to grow hemp, if state laws allow and if researchers and growers obtain a permit from the DEA. Additionally, the “Marijuana Extract Rule” defines marijuana extract as an extract containing one or more cannabinoids that has been derived from any genus of cannabis, excluding crude or purified resin. Other parts of the plant, including sterilized seeds, oil, mature stalk or cake made from the seeds, are considered Exempt Plant Material and are not controlled under the CSA. These two conflicting rules all lead to a legal loophole where CBD derived from legal parts of the industrial hemp plant is legal. Pretty neat, right?

In conclusion, there is truly nothing that people won’t use CBD for: insomnia, anxiety, depression, cancer, their dogs, the possibilities are endless. If harnessed correctly, this healing power can be used for good: as a possible relief for anyone suffering from even the most sinister of ailments.

Disclaimer: The statements made here have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment, condition, or disease. Any statements are also not meant to be used as legal or medical counsel. We recommend that professional legal and medical counsel be consulted prior to purchasing or selling CBD products.