DynaVap is Dynamite: Wholesale (Battery-Free?!) Vaporizers

DynaVap is Dynamite: Wholesale (Battery-Free?!) Vaporizers

Published by Alyssa on Apr 26th 2022

On the cusp of genius, a new contender approaches with a competitive and proprietary technology, known by many, but utilized in wholesale vaporizers only by DynaVap: battery-free thermal extraction. Their diverse line of interchangeable and customizable pieces allow for the greatest variety to ultimately enhance any smoking experience and suit any fancy, all while being mostly smoke free and entirely battery free. Made in America, DynaVap’s discreet design and cunning combustion method leads to less material waste and greater flavor potential. Each device serves a primary purpose from better airflow control to use with a wholesale water pipe, but their modular roster makes any piece adaptable. Before we explore just how all of their pieces fit perfectly together, let’s first delve into the science that makes it all possible.

What is thermal extraction? What is induction heating? How in the heck are vaporizers battery-free? These are all valid questions (and the same ones we asked ourselves). Thermal extraction simply means that the device requires a heat source, such as a butane torch lighter, clipper lighter, etc., to smoke from. An excellent example of this principle are ordinary wholesale hand pipes and bulk water pipes, where the legal smoking material is lit by a lighter and the pipe smoked from. In a way, DynaVap devices function very similarly to regular pipes, the main difference being what is heated – rather than the legal smoking herb being lit directly, it is heated indirectly through either a Captive Cap or other DynaVap smoking accessory. This method preserves material for future use, reduces smoke output, eases the harshness of the hit, and improves flavor quality. While wholesale torch lighters have been used successfully for years, induction heaters offer a more concentrated dose of heat, quickening the rate of combustion and offering more consistency and convenience to repetitive hits. Another benefit is you don’t have to spin the cap on the DynaVap, the device can simply be inserted into a device like the Orion V2 to be heated.

With some of the most common questions on how these scientific wonders work, you may be wondering where to start with their selection of gadgets. The most common entry-level device is their most popular and most cost effective:, the “M”. The M is made of stainless steel and intended for use with dry herb unless equipped with a DynaCoil (their medical-grade titanium adapter for concentrates). The “M”’s greatest draw is the adjust-a-bowl technology, a feature designed to improve control over the strength of the hit for micro-dosing.

A step up from the go-to DynaVap device is the Omni which is made entirely of titanium and further improves control with a condenser to help cool the hit and a dial-indicator for easy visual airflow adjustments. This is especially important because with more airflow, there is generally less flavor with a lighter and cooler hit, whereas with less airflow, the hit is typically harsher and hotter, with more flavor. Additionally, like other products in the DynaVap lineup, the Omni features notched "dosing" chambers, functioning like a wholesale grinder and almost entirely eliminating the need for one.

Still stuck in the good ol’, reliable ways of smoking with a water pipe? No worries – DynaVap has a contraption for that: the VonG, their "analog" vaporizer. Meant to be inserted into a 10mm or 14.5mm female stem (but can also be used independently of one), the titanium and wooden stem of the VonG offers water filtration that rivals a standard ash catcher and allows for larger draws due to increased cooling as well as quicker heat up and cooldown times. DynaVap recently released a titanium version of their VonG that has an interchangeable sleeve, further displaying their prowess in customization and their prioritization of flexibility for their users.

The innovation from DynaVap doesn’t stop there, however. The BB collection acts like a glass filter tip, with crystal filters, a 10mm glass on glass connection, and the same Captive Cap technology found in other “VapCap” products. Their BB3 fits in their DynaStashes (dugouts) and offers three beads for diffusion versus their BB6 which offers, you guessed it: six. The 10mm connection is ideal for those desiring a cleaner and smoother toke from water pipes, though following suit with the nearly infinite compatibility DynaVap boasts, it can be used independently of any other device and is complete smoking piece. The BB collection is ideal for the glass purists, while the titanium and stainless steel pieces are ideal for the vape purists. For those vape purists preferring metal to a more traditional wood or glass smoking experience, DynaVap’s Grade 2 titanium is lightweight and three to four times stronger than the stainless steel, which is more cost effective and scratch resistant, but less durable. DynaVap’s titanium tips distribute heat more evenly, have three screen positions and include a titanium screen, while the stainless steel tips have two positions and a stainless steel screen (however, they are incompatible with Omni assemblies).

All factors considered, DynaVap has a unique collection of smoking apparatuses that have been highly praised by even the harshest critics, with each piece posing reasonable price-points considering the inventive nature of their engineering (i.e. no electronics). They are a happy medium for traditional vapers and the “old school” smokers. While it shouldn’t be revolutionary to essentially redesign a vaporizer and make into this pipe-vape hybrid, it is and it's something we gleefully support and encourage you, our customers, to consider adding to your shop. Shop our selection of wholesale DynaVap vaporizers and DynaVap accessories here.