Eyce, Eyce, Baby: Quality Wholesale Silicone Pipes

Eyce, Eyce, Baby: Quality Wholesale Silicone Pipes

Published by Alyssa on Feb 11th 2021

To say that you “get what you pay for” is an understatement when discussing  Eyce’s patented, proprietary silicone pipes and their flexible, durable, high-quality molds and designs. As their motto states, they “didn’t invent silicone, [they] simply perfected it”, and perfect it they did with an innovative and convenient product line unparalleled and unrivaled in the industry. Founded in 2013 by two brothers on a mission to design and supply robust, superior smoking supplies to any willing consumer,  Eyce delivers on every aspect of their mission, beginning with the self-proclaimed revolutionary Eyce 2.0, a reusable, molded silicone sleeve that is filled with water and frozen to create a solid ice water pipe. The originality didn’t stop there, however, as  Eyce went on to develop the product line that we are lucky enough to begin offering to our customers.

The ICON line of  wholesale silicone pipes begins with a compact, yet fierce one hitter known as the Shorty. Featuring a trademark snap-in glass bowl, the Shorty offers versatility with its’ interchangeable titanium or quartz nozzles, allowing it to instantly become a nectar straw. Targeting traveling, rambling smokers, the Shorty is one step up from its’ big brother, the  Spoon. This isn’t just any spoon, though, as it hides a plethora of convenient extravagances including a poker and storage container. Continuing to make good on their promise of functionality, just like the Shorty, the  Spoon can be converted into a nectar straw by simply attaching a glass collar and titanium nail. These products are just the launch into further adaptability displayed by their bubbler and water pipe collections.

Employing only the finest platinum cured silicone, the Eyce Hammer modernizes the classic hammer bubbler shape and only advances the inventiveness of these patented pipes. The Hammer exhibits the same level of quality and flexibility as its’ smaller counterparts with a snap-in glass bowl, steel poker, tool holder, concealed base storage, and a never-before-seen ice chamber. As expected, the Hammer can also be transformed into a rig with a glass collar and titanium nail, so that no concentrate is left behind. Its’ built-in ice chamber enables the user to have an experience as close to a smoking session with a water pipe with an ice pinch as possible.

A product that doesn’t need to be like any other is the  Eyce Beaker. Equipped with Eyce’s characteristic flexibility, the  Beaker builds upon the features of the Spoon and the Hammer with a rolling tray, a magnetic ring lighter holder, a hidden jar, and an ice catch. The  Beaker includes a glass on glass downstem and bowl rather than the industry-standard silicone downstem, further exposing the brand’s superiority in the field. The  Beaker is the full package, and while Eyce prides themselves on having rugged, durable, and nearly-indestructible products, sometimes the whole kit-caboodle is not conducive to traveling or on-the-go smokes. Enter now the  Mini Beaker. At about half the size, it’s the more attainable, little brother alternative to the  regular Beaker, with nearly all the same attributes. The primary difference is its’ silicone downstem and its’ higher level mobility – due to the  Mini Beaker’s smaller size and fewer breakable components, it can withstand more wear and tear, truly delivering on Eyce’s other motto “Quality that Rips”.

Eyce truly etched out a name for themselves and blazed a trail in the  wholesale silicone pipes industry, setting the standard for any and all brands that followed. So why not start carrying the real deal? Browse our selection of authentic Eyce pipes  here.