Going Solo: Solopipe is the One

Going Solo: Solopipe is the One

Published by Alyssa on Jun 2nd 2023

Some might say one is the loneliest number, but going solo is just what the founders of Solopipe aimed to reinvent in their creation of the all-in-one Solopipe. Established in 2007 in Venice Beach, the Solopipe team aspired to combine a pipe and a lighter and established their first flagship product, appropriately named after their company. The built-in butane lighter is adjustable, refillable and meant to last, unlike many products on the market whose longevities leave a lot to be desired. The pipe itself features a durable metal exterior that is available in four different colors and includes a glass bowl with a metal screen as well as various cleaning and travel accessories for increased functionality.

One might think to themselves: “How could it possibly get better?” Well,  Solopipe rose to the occasion and answered that question with their second flagship product, the Elektra. While there isn’t butane involved, smoking novices and connoisseurs alike can light up in style with the built-in, self-lighting coil embedded within a ceramic bowl that is not only more sustainable but is also easier to use in wind or rain. The Elektra is a versatile (and rechargeable) smoking apparatus where users can enjoy dry herb or concentrates, unlike the original Solopipe that is only compatible with dry herb. Its’ durability is proven in the sleek sheen of the zinc alloy exoskeleton that is available in either chrome or gunmetal. Like the Solopipe, the Elektra includes all the accessories a guy or gal would need to start enjoying their smoke sessions.

So, your customers have acquired their nifty new Solopipe. Now what? How do you even use this thing? To start, the original Solopipe ships empty, so your customers must fill it with butane prior to using it. This is a relatively simple process. First, you’ll want to ensure that the adjustment screw is turned to the minus (-) position to shut off fuel flow. Then, once the refill nozzle is pointed up and away from you, press the butane cannister firmly into the nozzle and hold, ensuring that it is parallel to the unit. Solopipe recommends "charging" the butane in 2 second increments and repeating that for a total of 5-6 times. Once complete, allow 5-10 minutes for the cold butane to warm to room temperature and to fizzle out any air bubbles generated by the filling process. Finally, you may open the gas valve to the plus (+) position, adjust the flame to your liking and enjoy!

Butane is cool (well, hot) and all, but the  Elektra doesn’t use gas, it’s all-electric. Like most electronics, the Elektra ships turned off, so to get the process started, remove the poker packer tool from the mouthpiece and use the flat end to move the slot on the bottom from the OFF position to the ON position. The sliding bowl cover must be open and the device must be on for the Elektra to ignite. The coil stays lit for ten seconds when the button is pushed and the bowl is open. As for filling the bowl, Solopipe recommends that all dry material is ground first and to fill no more than ½ to ¾ of the bowl to allow for better airflow. Cleaning is also made simple by the fact that the inner glass stem and ceramic bowl are both removable so they may be placed in rubbing alcohol (but be sure to ensure that the bowl is completely dry before returning it to the unit).

Going solo has never been more fun, but your customers are never truly alone with a trusty Solopipe sidekick to light up their days. Explore the ecosystem of Solopipe creations and accessories here