Let Us Hear You RooR: Branded Wholesale Water Pipes

Let Us Hear You RooR: Branded Wholesale Water Pipes

Published by Alyssa on Oct 23rd 2020

Long regarded as one of the most iconic smoking brands, RooR was founded in 1995 by German glassblower and soon-to-be legend Martin Birzle (so legendary and iconic that RooR doesn’t have an “About Us” on their website). RooR has a lengthy list of products including one hitters, bowls, ash catchers, downstems, tips, bulk hand pipes, and ash trays, but they primarily specialize in high-quality borosilicate glass wholesale water pipes and bubblers. Their vastly customizable catalog of products gives them a strong advantage over their competitors and, if your shop opts to carry their merchandise, your competitors, too.

Upgrades range from over 20 decal colors and styles to sandblasting to various base and neck styles and unique glass mouthpiece and neck decorations. Each bulk water pipe is given an additional personal touch by the artist who blew it in the form of their unique signature - personalization seldom found in other factory-blown wholesale pipes. The sheer quality of the German Duran Schott glass used in each of their superior pipes is evident from the first look, but even more apparent when you handle them by their weight and by their lack of impurities and imperfections (bubbles, scratches, malformations, etc.), proving time and time again their monetary and smoking worth. Further demonstrating their unparalleled eminence in the industry, their RooR Tech line displays the exceptional standard and mastery they hold themselves to with numerous percolators, styles, and shapes not found in their usual beaker and straight shooter lines. Not a percolator or piece of glass is out of place.

As many who have worked in the industry for any amount of time are aware, RooR is one of the most highly counterfeited brands of smoking paraphernalia that there is, mostly due to the value behind the name. Luckily, it has never been easier to tell that these RooR pieces are authentic thanks to their Authentication Seal, assigned with a unique and individual security code and present on each of the water pipes they produce (all of which can be verified on the RooR website). Each pipe also comes with a RooR brand box, for storage or for that one avid smoker’s or glass collector’s shelf. Additionally, obtaining a fitting or matching RooR accessory such as bowl, ash catcher, or downstem is exceedingly simple due to their overwhelmingly extensive variety and interchangeability.

Luckily for you, our highly-valued customer, we have just introduced the first of a truly massive line of RooR that we will be carrying, so while you’re writhing in anticipation at the full drop, why not check out our current stock

An example of RooR's Authentication Seal: