Life In Plastic, It’s Fantastic: Wholesale Acrylic Water Pipes

Life In Plastic, It’s Fantastic: Wholesale Acrylic Water Pipes

Published by Alyssa on Oct 24th 2019

Colors, sizes, and shapes abound in the land of plastic water pipes. Teeming with all sorts of designs and styles as individual as your customers are, wholesale acrylic water pipes are one of the more inexpensive, low-maintenance, and durable smoking options on the market and it’s high time to capitalize on it. While many might think that it’s silly to invest in seemingly lackluster, unimpressive pipes, they have been and remain a staple in head shops, smoke shops, novelty shops, gas stations and anywhere that sells smoking accessories remotely similar.

So, what’s the draw with these resilient bulk plastic pipes? Well, unlike even the thickest glass water pipes, they don’t break when you drop them. The vast majority of acrylic water pipes include metal downstems, so the worst thing that’ll happen is that it falls out mid-fall or upon impact. Because they’re really not known for their longevity, if you lose a piece, the water pipe somehow comes apart or against all odds breaks, then the replacement pieces are just as inexpensive as the pipe (so inexpensive, your customers could replace the entire water pipe if they wanted to). Some plastic water pipes are also modular, adding another layer of plasticity to an already flexible design.

Additionally, the cleaning procedure of acrylic water pipes is less involved than it might be with bulk glass water pipes, primarily due to the simplicity of their design. They typically lack percolators (no trees or matrixes to work around) and a good portion are straight shooters – no curves or swerves to get caught in. Even the pipes with more entertaining shapes are small enough to soak, and the larger ones are large enough to fit the cleaner and a rag into. There are a select few that come apart for an even simpler scrubbing session – soak the pieces in water or, ideally, a plastic cleaner especially made to not interact with the chemicals in the acrylic negatively.

Finally, if your customers have been searching for a cheap, easy-keeping, non-committal water pipe that they can use and travel with worry-free, then acrylic is the way to go and we have plenty of wholesale plastic water pipes waiting for good homes (one that even includes a gas mask for World War II enthusiasts). Not interested in lightweight, robust, and economical smoking accessories for your store? No problem – shop our selection of wholesale glass water pipes and bulk silicone water pipes. Act fast, time is always plas-ticking.