Living Large: The New Puffco 3D XL Chamber

Living Large: The New Puffco 3D XL Chamber

Published by Alyssa on Jul 28th 2023

Puffco has done it again! They’ve engineered a product with an overwhelming demand and an overall immaculate functionality and who would’ve guessed that it was all based on a very simple idea: size matters. Well, that, and “bigger is better” or more appropriately: “Super Size Me”. While these are all mantras everyone knows are seldom used in the smoking industry, Puffco seems to have really taken them to heart in the creation of their biggest and best chamber yet: the 3D XL. Let’s dig into what makes this $125 investment different from the other chambers they’ve manufactured thus far.

We’ve learned after many years of dabbing domination that Puffco values control and customization and aims for the upper echelons of dabbing performance in the electronic vaporizer market. They have also endeavored to produce products that most closely replicate the flavor, vapor production, and potency of hits from a proper glass or quartz dab rig. While they began with the original Peak’s atomizer chamber with a typical bottom-heated ceramic bowl and evolved to the Peak Pro’s sensor-oriented atomizer chamber of similar ceramic bowl design,  the 3D chamber was where their ingenuity really shined. The 3D chamber contained multiple sensors and heat traces in the wall of the chamber to heat it from the sides rather than the bottom. This top-tier technology optimized the dabbing experience and changed the game for many users, partially contributing to Puffco’s decision to make it the default included chamber of their new Peak Pro.

So this new chamber is just bigger, right? What’s the big deal? 78% larger. Big whoop. Well, yes, big whoop and also DOUBLE the vapor production of a typical e-rig. And where’s there’s vapor, there’s absolutely massive dabs - ones that rival even the most legitimate of wholesale dab rigs. That means you, in the words of Puffco, can “hit it as hard as you want”. What’s typically described as “sipping”, or taking many smaller hits to achieve the same result as one or two larger full-sized ones, in the e-rig community is no longer necessary. Take one massive rip from the 3D XL chamber and all the other small ones will be put to shame. Accompanying the 3D XL chamber in its’ smoking prowess, the XL Joystick permits more precision than the standard 3D chamber and joystick pairing. Additionally, Puffco updated their Puffco Connect app by adding an exclusive XL setting. The Peak Pro can handle the power, the chamber can handle the power and the application can handle the power, but can you?

Why not test your limits by picking up the very first high-capacity e-rig to grace the dab market and browse the remainder of Puffco’s supremely innovative and masterfully designed products here.

Please note that we are a business to business wholesale company, so you must own or operate a business and, if necessary, be able to provide documentation such as a Tax ID/EIN confirmation letter, a business license, or a state resale license to purchase from us. Additionally, all Puffco products are not for use with tobacco, nicotine-containing e-liquids, or any synthetic nicotine or nicotine substitute. 

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