Magic Is In The Air: Puffco Proxy Wizard

Magic Is In The Air: Puffco Proxy Wizard

Published by Alyssa on Mar 28th 2023

Inspired partly by the enchanting lore of the Lord of the Rings,  Puffco has unveiled a new Proxy accessory:  the Wizard. Acquired through the mysticism of money, this new contraption aims to transcend current Proxy accessories by offering a smoother hit without the water filtration that  the Bub and the Droplet present. The Wizard is styled like a classic Gandalf, but with a twist and while it may not be as portable as other options in the Proxy collection, it emphasizes the flexibility of the Proxy.

The Wizard Proxy may be a futuristic and modern contraption, but its’ stylistic roots date back to the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Originally called a Churchwarden pipe, now called Gandalfs that are usually made of glass, sometimes reached up to 16 inches in length and were carved out of wood by Europeans or formed out of clay by Native Americans. They were especially popular amongst Hungarian and Polish troops in Eastern Europe in the seventeenth century and soon spreading from Russia to France and England. Just like their predecessors, the modern Gandalfs and the Wizard both produce a cooler smoke due to the longer distance between the bowl and mouthpiece. They may break easier as a result of their extended length, but Puffco’s medical-grade borosilicate glass counteracts that likelihood and is a testament to their quality and durability.

So how exactly does one use a  Puffco Proxy Wizard? First, it can be used with dry herb material or wax/concentrates, instantly making it more versatile than most devices on the market. Provided that this nifty gadget is fully charged, all the user will need to do is unlock the device, find the desired heat setting, and load the chamber. Once loaded and once the carb cap is affixed to the top of the chamber, heating can commence and the user can take one large (or small) inhale. The smoking experience will differ depending on the Proxy accessory attached, but one thing’s for sure: it will be a quality hit regardless.

Smoking’s nice and all, but there comes a time in every mechanism’s life where it must be cleaned. All facets of the Proxy are exceptionally simple to clean from the chamber to the glass and right down to the base. First, unscrew the chamber from the base, then either use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to gently swab the inside of the chamber and remove any residue or submerge the entire chamber in isopropyl alcohol for around 20 minutes. Next, clean the contact points of the base with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol, then the airpath with the same combination of cleaning utensils. Finally, the glass, no matter which attachment one chooses, can be entirely dunked in isopropyl alcohol, rinsed with water, and left to dry.

Overall, the Proxy Wizard is ideal for a cool, yet tasteful dry smoke that you can’t quite achieve with the other water-oriented accessories like  the Bub or the Droplet. Not sure which your customers will prefer? Find their Proxy bliss  here