Mod Men: Puffco's New Modular Vaporizer, Buy Proxy

Mod Men: Puffco's New Modular Vaporizer, Buy Proxy

Published by Alyssa on Jul 29th 2022

The newest and classiest of Puffco’s innovations has hit the shelves of smoke shops and head shops nationwide and has quickly become a fierce competitor in the concentrate and dry herb wholesale vaporizer market. This creation is none other than the sleek and dare we say sexy Proxy hand pipe: a classic glass sherlock pipe with a vaporizer’s suit.

While Puffco’s focus shifted slightly from dabbing to dry herb beginning with the Budsy, a plastic water bottle pipe, The Proxy was designed to replicate a Sherlock Holmes-esque dry pipe. The twist, of course, is that it is actually a vaporizer so any variables that would normally affect the quality of the hit such as temperature control, airflow, or flavor are almost moot points. The out-of-the-box 3D chamber’s ceramic bowl is embedded with heating tracers meaning that the chosen smoking substance is heated and vaporized on the side walls rather than the bottom. This cutting-edge technology allows for a consistently smooth and flavorful hit and was initially pioneered with the dabbing behemoth that is the Peak Pro. Equipping the same technological prowess and power as the 3D chamber of the Prothe Proxy presents four different heat settings: blue (low – 490 degrees), green (medium – 510 degrees), red (high – 530 degrees), and white (peak – 545 degrees) for a simple, cut-and-dry smoking experience that doesn’t consist of constantly calibrating.

The beauty of the Proxy doesn’t lie only in the technology, but also in the design concept. While glass has been a staple and standalone material of various wholesale smoking pipes and smoking paraphernalia for centuries, this is one of the first instances where glass has actually been highlighted in the modern vaporizer market and wasn’t just another component like it is in the Puffco Peak Pro. This allows glassblowers and artists to create unique pieces and enhance those pieces with the best modern vaporizer technology that the industry has to offer. The other defining difference between the Proxy and the Peak line is that the Peaks are E-Rigs and use water to dampen the harshness of the hits and Proxy is a dry pipe. While experienced smokers may claim that a dry hit is a harsher one, customer testimonials so far indicate that the hit, albeit smaller than one from a rig, is smooth and flavorful. Style truly meets function in the Proxy.

Since not everyone has a custom glassblower or artist on speed dial, Puffco thought that they’d keep the accessory train running with a few of their own. This includes the Proxy Bub – a double chamber sherlock bubbler compatible with the Proxy’s 3D chamber and other Proxy accessories. Additional modifications include the “flower bowl”, turning a revolutionary piece of technology back into a traditional glass hand pipe (yes, you need a lighter) and the Proxy ball cap, which features a whole 360 degrees of directional airflow to create even heating and reduce waste. The entire notion of a modular vaporizer is to reduce the need for supplementary pieces dedicated toward a certain smoking style, and with the Proxy, one can switch between dry herb and wax as simply as switching between bowls and accessories.

With flagship creations such as the Peak and the Plus and clever creations that people originally thought were April Fools’ jokes like the Budsy and the Cupsythe Proxy is a refreshing addition to Puffco’s heavy hitting line-up of wholesale vaporizers and one that will likely convert some vape purists. Will this be the beginning of a new era for Puffco? Maybe. Will it inspire them to create a modular glass dugout? Probably not, but that’s okay because you can shop the newest Puffco creations, including the Proxy, here.

Disclaimer: All devices are for legal use only.