My Corona: Stocking Wholesale Smoking Supplies for Pandemic Relief

My Corona: Stocking Wholesale Smoking Supplies for Pandemic Relief

Published by Alyssa on Jan 29th 2021

Amid one of the worst global health crises of the 21st century, an unlikely industry has climbed the ranks and is experiencing some of the most rapid growth since its’ inception: the smoking industry. While people are couped up at home with nothing else to do but worry and succumb to boredom, smoking has broken the monotony of the days in quarantine with sweet, sweet hits and some nice vice enjoyment and relaxation. Additionally, with freshly cut stimulus checks at their disposal, people have flocked to smoke shops, head shops, and dispensaries to aid in their indulgence of creature comforts and self-soothe with some semblance of a smoking routine. So, humble business owner, what should you do to capitalize on this ripe opportunity?

First, get stocked up on all of the basics. Bangers, bowls, downstems; you name it, it is a component that you should have available to your customers. With your customers using more of their sedentary smoking paraphernalia (such as their beloved wholesale water pipes) whilst being at home, they’re likely burning through their essentials at a faster pace, and regardless of where you are, there is always the chance for breakages. On that same note, also be sure to amass a varied collection of bulk water pipes for those who are looking to spend some of that stimulus money on a new set-up or for the novice smoker who is attempting to add some thrill to the dullness of quarantine life with a new means of herb consumption.

Second, consider bulking up on more wholesale hand pipes for resale than you normally would – if customers who have never smoked a day in their life enter your shop looking for an inexpensive entry into the smoking realm, then you’ll have an easy recommendation that wouldn’t deter any potential customers with its’ cost. Additionally, grinders have indispensable value as add-ons with any pipe, especially if your budding smoking connoisseurs are unwilling to break up their legal smoking herbs with their fingers and view the potential benefits as less costly than the potential pitfalls. Alternatively, popular, standard-size 1-1/4" rolling papers like Raw or Elements, would be useful offerings to customers who prefer to roll their own.

Not sure what to buy or want a simple, time-saving, hassle-free means of obtaining new and reasonably-priced product? No problem! Our starter packages include a fulfilling variety of wholesale glass pipeswater pipesbubblers, metal pipes, wood pipes, etc., all chosen by us from our current selection, so you don’t have to utilize your precious time as a bustling shop owner browsing our extensive (and awesome) product collection. We can customize nearly any starter package to accommodate most requests and we encourage sensible specificity so that we can meet your shops’ needs to the best of our ability. We can also include bowls, stems, smoking components, grinders, and dab tools upon request, and while our packages don’t include CBDvaporizers, name brands, or rolling papers, those items can be purchased separately to round out the order.

While recent trends show that people are shopping less often, they’re spending more of their stimulus money in single shopping trips, so having a smorgasbord of easily attainable wholesale smoking supplies at the ready is a definite advantage to both your shop and your customers. With our help, we can help supply any of your wholesale smoking supply requirements, especially with our latest influx of bulk glass pipes and water pipes.