New Silicone Just In!

New Silicone Just In!

Published by Alyssa on Aug 15th 2018

It’s no secret that glass pipes are one of the most traditional ways to enjoy a smoke, but there is a new competitor approaching giving glass a run for its money: silicone. This unorthodox alternative is durable, portable, and affordable, giving both newbies and veterans alike bang for their buck and a lasting, reliable fixture in their starting or sprawling collections. And luckily, we just got some in!

Silicone water pipes are offered in a plethora of colors and styles, often of the psychedelic and trippy variety, adding just one more element to their cool factor. Another fun thing about these water pipes? If you stick the straight shooter pipes (like our WP1440s or WP1086s to a table with any amount of force, the bottoms become suction cups and latch on to the table. Awesome at parties. Or with your cat.

Besides the rad appearance, they’re easy to clean. Throw them in a dishwasher or hose them down (if sanitation is low on your list of priorities) and enjoy a thoroughly washed and decontaminated water pipe. For the places gunk or resin might have accumulated or not dislodged after initial cleaning, the bendy material makes it less challenging to reach in and handwash. Far easier than taking your classy glass water pipe and painstakingly scrubbing every nook and cranny with Formula 420 and Swabbies. But if that’s your jam or Friday night ritual, to each their own.

The durability of a silicone water pipe is, however, unparalleled even by some of the most expensive glass water pipes. If a silicone water pipe is thrown off a table by your stoner friend (or your cat), you can count on it not being in a bunch of tiny, hazardous pieces when you go to pick it up. This makes silicone ideal for that younger millennial crowd heading out to music festivals every other weekend or those too busy to worry about a breakage. Not to mention, the glass accessories are far cheaper to replace than the entire pipe. If you dab, we carry silicone jars that match the rigs. Fancy.

There are clear advantages and disadvantages to each. Glass water pipes offer some of the classier, more ornate details that silicone water pipes don’t need to provide, such as visible (and often multiple) percolators, and different types of glass – soft and thick. In regard to taste, legend has it that glass offers no lingering tastes or unwanted flavors with smoother hits, while silicone has the slight of plastic despite the cleaning and harsher smoke inhalation. To each their own.

All in all, you get what you pay for. It’s all in what works for you, what you’re willing to compromise, and how flexible you are. Browse our selection of silicone hand pipes and water pipes.