RooR Has Returned: Top Shelf Glass

RooR Has Returned: Top Shelf Glass

Published by Alyssa on Dec 1st 2023

With a shipment of RooR ready to populate your shop shelves, we thought we’d take the time to revisit what makes one of the leading smoking brands of Europe, Germany, America and probably most areas of the world so special and premium. Other brands have doggedly tried to compete with RooR and continuously failed at usurping them from their glass throne, so what gives?

In the words of the man, the myth, the legend and the founder of RooR, Martin Birzle, “glassblowing [in Europe] is a profession requiring training” and “everything is very technical and highly precise” going on to say that most glass is most often produced for industrial purposes over creative ones. That kind of atmosphere generates glassblowers who are highly refined, thus producing units to match or exceed the caliber expected in production laboratory glassblowing. The sophisticated skills possessed by German and other international glassblowers when paired with a creative mind is an unrivaled combination and that is exactly what RooR capitalizes on.

Collecting talented glassblowers from all over the world, their expansive team has collaborated with Eusheen Goines, an American glassblower who has a particular knack for turning glass, creating exact and exquisite patterns. He is known as “the living lathe” for how smooth and distinctive his style is and according to Birzle, “you can recognize his work immediately with a trained eye”. Ironically, Birzle also notes that the glassblowing environment in the USA is “completely different” from Europe’s, stating that there is “little room for creativity” in Europe/Germany. More extreme is Japan, where glass artistry “only happens in the deepest underground”. Produced in this underground, Yoshinori Kondo and Daisuke Saito are two Japanese artists who Birzle claims are “real master[s]” of a painting technique specific to Japan involving “many tiny dots of color, very similar to a dot matrix printer”. Together the two operate as ‘Team Japan’, resulting in numerous awards and commendations within the international glassblowing community. These expert craftspeople combined with the stature of RooR Germany have left a lasting mark on the industry that most glassblowers and companies can only aspire to.

Not all pieces can be custom, but that doesn’t mean they lack quality. Skilled glassblowers at the RooR warehouse in Southern California manufacture the wholesale pipeswater pipes, and other smoking accessories found on our site with style and grace. Each piece is still signed by the artist and includes an authentication seal that can be verified on RooR's website and a branded cardboard collector's box for safekeeping. Between the original RooR line of simple straight shooters and beakers of varying thicknesses, mouthpiece diameters and decal colors and the RooR Tech line of pieces with oodles of percolators, there is a massive amount to choose from. 

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An example of the RooR Authentication Seal (follow the link below to authenticate or scan the QR code printed on the seal):

All images courtesy of RooR. Please note that we are a business to business wholesale company, so you must own or operate a business and, if necessary, be able to provide documentation such as a Tax ID/EIN confirmation letter, a business license or a state resale license to purchase from us.