Ryan Fitt for Puffco Royalty: The Proxy Recycler

Ryan Fitt for Puffco Royalty: The Proxy Recycler

Published by Alyssa on Jan 16th 2024

Ryan Fitt has been making waves as a masterful glassblower since he first emerged on the scene around a decade ago. His business really took off first in 2018, when he won the very first Puffco Glass Open and again towards the end of 2019, when he developed a recycler piece for the Peak (and later, the Peak Pro).

Stating cheekily that the inspiration for the piece came from his mind, the very first Ryan Fitt recycler featured two external intake tubes and a fluted inner funnel, resulting in a cooler, bigger and more consistent hit. User testimonials support this description and many find it much more elegant than aftermarket pieces not affiliated with Puffco. It’s clear just by looking at it that the original recycler was anything but tacky and, as the man himself says “there are a lot of challenges in taking a concept all the way to the point where you have a product that’s hopefully going to be loved by everybody”. While there will always be scrooges and naysayers, it seems like he accomplished the mission he embarked on, which is mass appeal and a beautifully effective piece.

Originally, Fitt says, he was trying to keep the functional pieces within the familiar and beloved cone profile and, like most art, it was “an evolutionary process of trying to find an aesthetic, catch the lines, catch the look and also be able to be manufactured [many] times”. That last part is important because, despite the limited quantities, Puffco still needed to produce enough to provide for the high demand that the piece would yield. Not to mention producing a piece that would be in affordable price range for the extensive customer base that Puffco has acquired through the years. The MSRP of the original is $250 so the price factor was an especially important consideration in the development of the second iteration of the Ryan Fitt Recycler. 2.0.

The Ryan Fitt Recycler 2.0 rings in at an MSRP of $300, just $50 more than the original recycler. The highly anticipated second collaboration, released in March 2022, features better filtration and adds more water volume than the original. Visually, the follow-up recycler isn’t too much different until you look a little closer. The external intake tubes are larger both in diameter and length, curving up farther than the originals and extending out wider from the recognizable cone shape. Additionally, Fitt did away with the flutter inner funnel and opted for a simplistic curved inner tube. This simplicity ensures that the smoke is traveling a longer distance through the water, lending itself to a cooler hit. Consumers also state that clouds are far larger than that from the original. It’s clear that Ryan Fitt had done it again and that the 2.0 substantially improved upon the original design.

So what other iconic piece could Fitt’s brilliant mind generate? We’re glad you asked. In late September 2023, during PuffconPuffco’s very own block party celebrating the Puffco Peak and Proxy and bringing Puffco enthusiasts from all over the country to their hub in Los Angeles, Puffco gave exclusive early access to and unveiled the Ryan Fitt Proxy attachment. And now, public access to his next legendary piece has begun. Listed at an MSRP of $200, it not only fits in to the Proxy’s modular capabilities, but is more affordable than the Ryan Fitt Peak attachments. While it’s not completely clear glass like the Peak counterparts, it is a bit more intricate with the pass-thru stem and second chamber, similar to the design of the Bub.

Get yours today here (limit 3 per customer). While you’re at it, maybe shop for other Puffco accessories your customers are lacking here.

Please note that we are a business to business wholesale company, so you must own or operate a business and, if necessary, be able to provide documentation such as a Tax ID/EIN confirmation letter, a business license, or a state resale license to purchase from us. Additionally, all Puffco products are not for use with tobacco, nicotine-containing e-liquids, or any synthetic nicotine or nicotine substitute. Please also note that while Ryan Fitt designed each of these pieces, he does not manufacture each piece individually. To support his independent artistic endeavors, you can shop on his website here.