Scrub-A-Dab-Dab: Quarantine Cleansing Your Wholesale Hand Pipes

Scrub-A-Dab-Dab: Quarantine Cleansing Your Wholesale Hand Pipes

Published by Alyssa on Apr 3rd 2020

No smoker likes gunk in their smoking trunk. Luckily, like most things that aren’t congenital, resin build-up and dirt in your prized bulk smoking pipe is preventable with routine maintenance and care. Enter now into a world of cleaning, soaking, rinsing, and all of the sanitary necessities that coronavirus has re-instilled in us.

There are a few different methods to clearing the filth from your wholesale hand pipes and restoring them to their original, pre-use splendor. The simplest and least expensive option is to use rubbing alcohol, salt, and a plastic bag (though it admittedly isn’t the most time-effective option). First thing’s first: tap out and/or lightly dislodge any remaining fragments – this makes the alcohol’s job of breaking down the resin much easier. Next, fill a bag with salt, rubbing alcohol (isopropyl, the higher the concentration the better), and the most important element of all, the pipe, and shake it up, so that the solution reaches every crevice of your grimy pipe. Lightly pressing over the openings of the pipe while the solution is inside and shaking is an effective way of ensuring the resin is eradicated. After shaking for approximately 1-2 minutes, let soak, rinse with warm water, and dry and spot clean any areas still afflicted by the obscene muck that dares to still exist on your wholesale glass pipe.

Requiring less shaking is the second method of boiling your bulk glass pipe. Similarly to the first method, you not-so-vigorously tap out any obvious debris, bring a pot of water to a boil, then down to a simmer. Once the water is simmering like an Arizona trash can in the middle of August, the pipe needs to be submerged in water, but not so that the pipe hits the pot (not that pot anyway) as it may crack due to the extreme heat, for around 20-30 minutes. Once it’s been thoroughly soaked, remove the pot from heat, drain the water and use an oven mitt to handle the now extremely hot wholesale glass hand pipe. If necessary, repeat, but the cardinal rule is to not submerge the pipe in cold water after simmering it unless you think the pipe would look better in more than one piece.

If your pipe is too good for the basic around-the-house cleaning methods, then it may be time to consider a specialty cleaner such as our Formula 420 or Formula 710 cleaners. Stronger than most household remedies and especially made for your esteemed piece of smoking memorabilia that you almost forgot at a concert 4 years ago, these cleaners eliminate the shaking, mess, and hassle of the do-it-yourself solutions listed above. The cleaners are available for different purposes, such as daily use and instant cleaner, come in different sizes such as a standard 12oz or travel-size 4oz., and are often multi-purpose, suitable for pyrex, glassmetal, and ceramic.

In conclusion, if your customers are regular smokers and are using their favorite pipe that they haven’t managed to break yet, then chances are they should be doing some sort of regular cleaning. After all, keeping the pipes clean means that everything moves more efficiently and life is sure a lot easier. To shop all the different wholesale hand pipes in bulk that can be cleaned with these methods, click here.

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