The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back

Published by Alyssa on Oct 18th 2019

With the recent and upcoming bans on flavored e-liquids, the vaping industry is facing the most backlash and hostility since its’ inception, shifting attention toward more organic ways to ingest dry herb and other legal concentrates. This means vaporizers are vanishing from the spotlight and glass is garnishing much more consideration and returning to the forefront of smoking supply shops. Ready to reign over the glass pipewater pipe, and smoking accessory kingdom is Empire Glassworks. Some of the most ornate and striking glass pipes around, Empire Glassworks wholesale pipes and wholesale water pipes mix humor with gorgeous, meticulous detail in each and every piece.

To quote the masters of glass themselves they were established in 2013 (in none other than Placentia, CA) to “promote and cater to the vaping and smoking accessories market”. They’ve since grown from smaller smoking accessories to full-blown (pun intended) original creations, some of which reference TV shows or movies and others that are both pretty to look at and have a practical, real-life benefits. One of these real-life benefits is their “Empire Gives Back” program, where a portion of their profits from certain spoon pipes benefit different non-profit organizations and causes such as the World Wildlife Fund (P1607), the Coral Reef Alliance (P1604P1678), the Orange County Beekeeper’s Association (P1801), and the Environmental Defense Fund (P1608).

In the realm of wholesale glass pipes and wholesale glass water pipes, a few of the most masterful pieces feature dichroic glass and pioneering this astonishing technology (developed by NASA nonetheless) are, of course, the skillful artisans at Empire Glassworks. Like each of their hand pipeswater pipes, and numerous other bulk smoking accessories no two shards of dichroic glass are alike, all with slight unique variations. This irreproducibility is one of many factors contributing to their price-point: they’re high end, top-shelf glass and everyone knows it. Beyond that, though, they are absolutely worth the investment, solely for the craftsmanship and opportunity to be life-long pieces in your customers’ stashes. What better way to combat the ugliness of legality than with the beauty of true art?

While Empire Glassworks primarily specializes in smoking accessories like hand pipes and water pipes, they also produce smaller components such as bubble capsbowlsalligator clips, and dab tools. They’ve also recently unveiled their custom glass attachments for the Puffco Peak in classic Avocado and Sriracha fashion – proving just how industrious and adaptable they are with their craftsmanship. 

Finally, if your wallet can’t accommodate the glorious splendor of these wholesale hand pipes and wholesale water pipes, then there are other bulk hand pipes and bulk water pipes available for resale on our website, as well as various wholesale smoking accessories for resale for any head shop, smoke shop, or vape shop. Furthermore, 6B Glass is a brand that has the general aesthetics without the heftiest of price tags – many of their own pieces feature various percolators (tree, showerhead, matrix, etc.) in an array of different styles and unique shapes. Check out all that our pipe selection has to offer by visiting our hand pipes and water pipes pages.