Torch Lighters & Troubleshooting

Torch Lighters & Troubleshooting

Published by Alyssa on Aug 20th 2018

Have your customers always dreamed of welding but opted for smoking instead? Do your customers want to set stuff on fire legally? All of their pyromantic dreams just came true with the induction of the Special Blue torch lighter line into our inventory. Perfect for the casual smoker, the rudimental lighter collector, or one that just likes dragons, these torch lighters come in a variety of colors, sizes, and types in an economical and convenient fashion. From rubber to metal, from mini to classic, from Bernie to Bullet, there will be a lighter that your customers’ eyes will light up from.

When your customers use these lighters for cigars in those hefty Raw rolling papers, the technique can be a bit tricky; it’s relatively common for the ashes to clog the lighter jets if the flame is too close to the foot. Chances are if the lighter is not working properly, the jets are temporarily clogged and just like a Nintendo 64 cartridge, you might just need to blow it out with compressed air. If that doesn’t work, it might be the quality of your butane – triple refined or higher is usually recommended as poor quality butane contains more impurities thus causing more problems.

This leads us to another common question and missed troubleshooting step with torch lighters: refilling. Why buy yet another lighter when you could simply refill your beloved mini flamethrower? (After all, you guys must have been through some stuff together). Here’s how.

Step 1: Flip that baby over. You should see a screw (that’s the adjustment screw) and a tiny hole (that’s the refill nozzle). Drain the remaining fluid from the lighter chamber (known as bleeding) with whatever you used to rewind cassette tapes back in the day, i.e. an old pen, a tiny screwdriver, a bobby pin, etc. Flipping it right side up with the valve pressed down allows you to let the remaining air out.

Step 2: Turn the adjustment screw to minus (-) to shut off the fuel flow. Once the nozzle is shut and pointing up and away from you, you can begin filling the lighter chamber by pressing the canister firmly into the nozzle, ensuring it is parallel to the torch. Please note that pumping the canister without the refill tip directly into the lighter is not recommended and may damage your lighter.

Step 3: After the lighter is full, which can take as little as 5-10 seconds or up to a minute and is indicated by the cessation of hissing, let the fuel come to room temperature. Because the butane is cold when transferring from the canister to the torch, it needs at least 5-10 minutes to expand. Once warmed up, you can open the gas valve, adjust the height of your flame, and enjoy it!

Luckily, fire isn’t just an Ohio Players song and with these lighters, and you’ll see just what we mean. With temperatures reaching up 2500°F, those dabbing customers won’t be frustrated and discouraged by lack of heat when warming their nails as they might be with matches and clipper lighters.

If you aren’t quite sure what your customers will prefer, browse our selection of lighters here.