Types of Wholesale Glass Pipes for All Your Resale Needs

Types of Wholesale Glass Pipes for All Your Resale Needs

Published by Alyssa on Feb 21st 2020

One of the most plentiful smoking accessories found in bulk at head shops, smoke shops, flea markets, gas stations, and hobby shops, bulk hand pipes populate shelves and pockets across the nation. Simple or complex, small or large, spoon or sherlock, silicone or glass – they all have their place, that is, in your customers’ hands. So let’s break down the different styles and attributes that these pipes for resale can have, before they hit your shelves and before your customers hit them.


The simplest and most inexpensive style there is is the spoon pipe, named as such for its’ obvious resemblance to a spoon. These pipes are typically small, discreet, and straightforward choices for customers’ who either forgot their pipe at home and need a cheap alternative, casual/beginner smokers, or those who break their pipes often. While they can have many of the same features as other styles of wholesale hand pipes (such as sherlock/gandalf pipes, steamrollers, etc.), they are typically easier to clean, don’t clog as often, and are easier and less worrisome to transport.


While wholesale spoon pipes are the simpleton of the smoking accessory species, bulk sherlocks are the sweet grandfathers of the bunch, ideal for intermediate smokers graduating from spoon pipes. Otherwise known as gandalf pipes, these pipes for resale, characterized by their curve and ability to stand and sit securely, were named after the infamous Sherlock Holmes and his notorious pipe, making whoever holds them look (arguably) cooler. Functionally, they are more ergonomic, usually have a larger carb than spoon pipes that increases the potency of the hit, and have a bigger bowl, allowing the smoker(s) more hits.

Steam Rollers

Are your customers not getting quite the size of hit they were looking for? Some heavy pipes for some heavy hitters are wholesale steamrollers. Very basically, they are a dry water pipe that generally lack an external bowl and are usually long enough for the smoke to cool before the hit due to their large size (unlike smaller wholesale chillums). Being so much larger than both a spoon pipe or a sherlock pipe, their bowls and carbs are also larger, thus further increasing the strength and severity of a hit, making them best for more advanced smokers. For a hit too harsh, bubblers and inexpensive bulk water pipes are nifty alternatives.


While one-hitters, also known as chillums, match the simplicity of most steamrollers, they are the simplest, most basic pipe that one can own (we’re talking for-the-baby-smokers easy). Most commonly no longer than a few inches, one major characterization of these little pipes is the absence of a carb hole, which conversely means the scarcity of air flow regulation (critical for hit strength) and the ability for increased smoke consumption. While they are slight in build, they offer a mighty, direct hit and are the Napoleons of dry pipes.

In conclusion, numerous factors contribute to the selection of any wholesale hand pipe including preferred size, preferred style, and experience level. For a smoking experience as unique as your customers, we offer an abundant selection of glass pipes in bulk as well as water pipes for resale and wholesale bubblers

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