Vape Like A Pro: The Puffco Peak Pro

Vape Like A Pro: The Puffco Peak Pro

Published by Alyssa on Dec 14th 2020

Climbing to the top of the wholesale vaporizer food chain after being established in only 2013, Puffco’s innovative and proprietary technology has set them apart from other vaping brands and raised the industry standard for consuming concentrates. Their pioneering and expertise began from the ground up and includes their in-house design and engineering team, which revolutionized the field with non-fibrous wicks, no glue, and no plastics in the airpath as well as the first means of temperature control in vaporizer pens.

They continuously raise the bar with each of their new products and the Puffco Peak Pro is no exception. Improving on an already incomparable and remarkable product, Puffco once again pushed themselves to invent a progressive concentrate consumption device, marrying luxury with necessity. The Pro lives up to its’ name and prioritizes ease of use for newer smokers and consistency, control, and customization for experienced smokers by being “always dialed”. The secret behind this is a sensor within the chamber that communicates with the Peak itself and regulates the temperature regardless of the strength of an inhale or the amount of oil in the rig. This real-time temperature control is intensified by the ability to Bluetooth pair your Peak with your phone and control its’ settings within a simple yet sleek phone application.

Unlocking the true potential of a smoking experience, the Puffco app facilitates the uncomplicated use of the Peak and enables a level of control unrivaled by competitors. Controls range from creating and saving custom heat profiles outside of the four pre-loaded & standard heat settings to establishing a unique LED light pattern (pulse, wave, disco, and stealth mode) and color setting. Continuing with the meticulously measured and precisely crafted design of the Pro, the app also includes a Live Stat Display, including statistics such as the active heat setting, bowl temperature, daily dabs, and total dabs. When you’re finally done utilizing one or all of the many features of the Pro, simply nestle the masterpiece into the included power dock, a wireless charger and portable power bank. Furthering its functionality, it can also be used on other electronic devices and features a Ready Mode that automatically begins heating to your favorite temperature when paired with the app.

Of course, while the newest may be the most cutting edge, the original Puffco Plus and Puffco Peak are nothing to snuff at either, as they were the original groundbreakers in the vaporizer field. For example, the Peak came out strong with a 20 second average heat-up (compared to the 3-minute average), 2 hour charge time, automatic heat adjustment, and haptic feedback via an LED light band. Furthermore, the Plus is one of the most awarded vaporizer pens and provides and additional layer of flexibility with its’ high traveling capability, coil-less ceramic bowl, three heat settings, and a mouthpiece that combines a carb cap, loading tool, and splash guard. Puffco’s beautiful smoking creations always leads us to ponder what’s next and brings almost a child-like wonder to an age-old tradition.

Whether your head is in the smoke clouds or your dabs are up in smoke, Puffco has you covered. Check out our full line of Puffco vaporizers and accessories here

Puffco Peak Pro now available for preorder! Pre-orders will be held until the Pro is available (12/16/20-12/18/20) so the whole order can be shipped at one time.