What’s Old is New Again: The Puffco Peak Pro Revisited

What’s Old is New Again: The Puffco Peak Pro Revisited

Published by Alyssa on Jun 23rd 2023

Anyone who’s familiar with the wax and concentrate vaporizer domain knows the name Puffco. They’ve become something of a legend, a staple, and a pioneer on the dabbing market – their tenacious business acumen and unwavering ingenuity have made their products the leading devices for dab consumption. At Puffco, the innovation doesn’t stop and continuously carries on the legacy of providing quality, high-tech, and approachable gadgets whose functionality goes unmatched. The new Puffco Peak Pro is no exception.

So, how many changes and improvements did Puffco really make to their first flagship product? By most outside appearances, not much has changed – the shape and ergonomics have remained the same (and as the old homage states, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”). The first and most obvious alteration is that the new Pro is offered in two colorways, Pearl and Onyx which, as one might be able to surmise, is black and white. The next improvement is the inner twisted glass feature of the percolator, which had previously been smooth. The twirled feature of the glass allows for enhanced water flow and filtration, as well as a more even smoking experience. Lastly, the kit now includes the state-of-the-art 3D chamber. What makes it state of the art? It heats along the sidewalls rather than the bottom of the chamber, which preserves flavor and eliminates waste. The kit also includes their new directional carb cap, the Joystick Cap, which is less bulky than its' predecessor and doesn't get stuck in the chamber. Both of the new inclusions make for vastly improved functionality and accessibility straight out of the box.

On the flip side of Puffco’s new and improved base unit, they also majorly upgraded the app integration to allow for peak performance. These developments include but aren’t limited to dab counts, average duration calculation, popular temperature tracking, and popular mood light settings. All of the data, all at the tip of your fingertips. As usual, the app allows you to create custom heat settings outside of the four presets, but now has a fully dialed in heat cycle down to the degree and a new, fully customizable vapor level production feature. Sharing is caring and as a result, users can share their heat settings with friends. To top it all off, there are also new aesthetic lighting options specific to the new Peak Pro to really set the smoking mood including Fill, Fade, Disco, Split, and Spin. 

Puffco especially knew what they were doing when they decided on an MSRP of $420. Genius from a marketing perspective and for all of the improvements made to the kit and app, is well worth the extra $20 over the original Peak Pro's cost. While not a particularly introductory price-point, the kind of customization a device like this offers is more conducive to a moderately experienced dabber or connoisseur smoker rather than a beginner anyway and pushes competitors to provide more for the money, benefitting any consumer. The Travel Pack rings in at $45, the same amount as old V2s, but include expanded color options to match the new Pros.

Want your shop to rock the block? Want your customers to dab in style? Make both of those wishes come true and shop Puffco's latest and greatest tech here