Wholesale Glass Hand Pipes: Glowin' Everywhere

Wholesale Glass Hand Pipes: Glowin' Everywhere

Published by Alyssa on Nov 1st 2019

It’s that time of the year again and we have something spooky, scary, and…shining? That’s right, smoke shop owners and hand pipe connoisseurs, ditch the glow sticks and treat yourselves to some wholesale glow in the dark pipes. We aren’t trying to trick you with these mysterious, captivating pipes, and if you dare, grab some for your shop and see for yourself their ghastly splendor.

Beyond their seasonally appropriate appearance, glow in the dark pipes have some seriously wicked science behind them. It all comes down to a material called phosphor, a substance originating from a host material with an added activator (commonly copper-activated zinc sulfide or silver-activated zinc sulfide). Phosphors allow items (such as some of our bulk hand pipes) to have luminescence, or more specifically, phosphorescence, giving them a glow in the dark quality. Much like plants, these phosphors are made stronger and more radiant by energy from a direct light source such as the sun. Concerned that these pipes are somehow unsafe? Worry not, for the glowing element is stowed deep inside of the heavy duty and heat resistant borosilicate glass – not to mention phosphors are the same things used in children’s toys.

With these more-adult smoking toys, the glow in the dark component is most readily attained by mixing the phosphor dust (known as glow powder) into the molten borosilicate. The glow powder can be created from various kinds of phosphors to reach different colors and styles. The most common factors to consider when manufacturers are mixing colors are how the colors would interact with other accents and features of the pipe and which colors would look best behind the borosilicate glass. Most of our glow in the dark pipes for resale are solid colors, however a few do have marble accents, stripes, or fritting.

Finally, all sorts of customers will be numerous around this kind of luminous, so might as well spark a new interest in your shop with our wholesale glowing pipe selection. If your shop (or your customers) aren’t looking to shine on, either in spirit or literally, they can still light up with our other bulk hand pipes and bulk water pipes. The only thing scarier than a glow in the dark pipes are no pipes at all.