Wholesale Smoking Supplies, Components, and Accessories, Oh My

Wholesale Smoking Supplies, Components, and Accessories, Oh My

Published by Alyssa on Oct 11th 2019

Sometimes the smallest pieces are the most critical to a large mechanism’s function and bulk water pipes and bulk dab rigs are no exception to this rule. Just think: what would all of our wholesale water pipes and wholesale dab rigs be without their bowls, without their bangers, without their downstems, without their dab tools? Luckily, this a question that you or your customers won’t have to contemplate any time in the near future, since we just got a plethora of wholesale smoking components back in stock.

Let’s take a look at each one of these pieces and give our smallest components their time in the spotlight. First: bangers. They’re any dabbers’ must have since they’re responsible for holding the legal concentrates as they’re heated. Because they have to sustain and retain high temperatures in order to turn the concentrate into a smokable vapor, banger nails are typically made from titaniumstainless steelquartz, or ceramic (glass is less common as it tends to break when heated repeatedly). While quartz is one of the best at maintaining heat, it is slightly less durable than a good grade titanium and is often used with a corresponding size dab rig or water pipe, whereas certain titanium nails can adjust to a few standard sizes (10mm, 14.5mm, 18.8mm).

Looking to maximize a dab hit or have one comparable to a water pipe but still retaining a good level of heat? Carb caps are just what you need. While they’re not essential for dabbing, they do help preserve heat and point your dabs in the right direction, regulating airflow and pressure and keeping the heat where it matters most – your dab (you can view an example of a directional carb cap here). After carefully using a dab tool to place your legal concentrate in the optimal spot for dabbing, just plop one on top of your domeless banger and you’re ready to rev up that torch lighter and bring on the heat. If you’re using a flat top banger, then bubble caps are your best friend. Regardless of the type of banger or nail you have, you can still put a cap on your dab. Your customers can mix and match to their hearts’ content.

Like smoking the good old-fashioned way? No worries. Wholesale smoking accessories can make almost any rig more flexible (though some more than others). If you’re working with stemless, glass on glass bulk water pipes, then you can simply insert a component with a corresponding connection size right into the water pipe (though there are adapters available if the bowl size or type doesn’t match the connection size or type). If the bulk water pipes have downstems, then there’s even more more flexibility – 18.8mm to 14.5mm downstems (for when you want to use a smaller bowl with a water pipe with a larger connection size), 14.5mm to 14.5mm downstems18.8mm to 18.8mm downstems, all in different lengths fit to the size of the rig. Not only do select bowls come in some fun and amusing designs as individual as your customers, they’re also a relatively inexpensive smoking accessory. If they’re not, then they’re probably hand-made by the masters at Empire Glassworks and worth every penny because they’re gorgeous, heavy duty, top shelf glass pieces.

Finally, whether your customers are dabbing or smoking dry herb, we have wholesale smoking accessories and components to fit both your needs and their needs. You can browse our selection of bulk smoking components here, our selection of wholesale water pipes here, and wholesale dab rigs here