Yabba Dabba Doo

Yabba Dabba Doo

Published by Alyssa on Aug 28th 2018

Does earwax appeal to your customers? Are they looking for a stylish way to smoke some legal concentrates that look like earwax? Luckily, we just got some dab rigs  (a few with Legend-of-Zelda-looking bling too) and nectar collectors in!

While the existence of chemical concentrates and extracting certain, desired chemicals from a plant is not new (thank you ancients and ‘60s hippies), the various modes of smoking them are. Dab rigs haven’t always been around in the mainstream, so people took matters into their own hands and resorted to crafting their own in their backyards, of course (further reading: Trailer Park Boys). In the early 2010’s we progressed past that point thankfully, with the development of safely manufactured borosilicate glass, silicone dab rigs and nectar collectors of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

It’s pretty likely that your customers know what they’re doing, but for all the newbs out there, we’ll cover the differences between dab rigs and nectar collectors, besides the size difference. First of all, dab rigs are better at containing the concentrate and easier to manage – they’re often set on a (hopefully) sturdy and stable table and move around less, better for sedentary homebodies or those dabbing for medical use (not to mention those sweet dab tools). Nectar collectors are substantially smaller (especially the mini ones), requiring more dexterity and slightly more preparation. However, their smaller size makes them easier to transport, ideal if you want to use it on-the-go (we know how intense those Pokemon Go gym battles get). Many kits (such as our own) include a wax dish and an extra tip.

Cleaning-wise, dab rigs are about as easy to clean as a standard water pipe after reclaiming your prized wax – drop some Formula 420 down and you’re off to the races; percolators make it slightly more difficult but no more difficult than a multi-perc water pipe. Nectar collectors are a bit of a different story, as their more intricate frames and little hard-to-reach spots make it more challenging to reclaim and clean. While nectar collectors are typically comprised of smaller parts, the quantity is comparable to a dab rig’s as the essential components to dabbing remain the same – the base, the mouthpiece, the nailthe domethe carb cap, etc.

It’s always fun to accessorize and personalize, especially while maintaining function. Dab tools allow you the best of both worlds considering they can look like anything from an eyeball to a sharpie or from a pencil to a hand. They are your trusty dabbing sidekicks, so why settle for a boring metal sticks when you could have quality glass wands?

Regardless of the way you’re ingesting concentrates, all dabbers and wax-users have a common goal: get high faster. Who has time for multiple hits? No one, so just yabba-dabba-doo it.

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