Quick Fix Plus - DT101

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Quick Fix Plus urine kit. Large 3 oz. size. Formula 6.2. No mixing. Pour and go. Unisex urine. Easily warms to body temperature. Sold individually or by the display of 14.

Scientific Testing With Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Plus is great for scientific testing because it successfully mimics human urine without the contamination of toxins and bacteria. We have multiple customers that use it for conducting experiments where human urine is either unobtainable or the lab needs a guarantee that a toxin-free sample is provided. With this sort of testing, laboratory staff can be assured that their sample is toxin-free and the correct ph level if they use Quick Fix.

Quick Fix Plus for Fetish Use

When you need a safer alternative for human urine, Quick Fix is a great choice. Most of our customers using it for fetish use want to experience this type of play in a safer environment than the real stuff can provide. Using fake pee instead of real urine gives your partner a safer alternative while also satisfying their fetish. The adult entertainment industry has been using fake fluid products for years to simulate scenes that just wouldn’t have been safe otherwise. Because purchasing Quick Fix is totally discreet through Spectrum Labs, you can rest assured that your shipment will never indicate the contents.

Diaper Testing and Other Product Testing

Diaper manufacturers have been using synthetic urine for years to test the effectiveness of their products. We provide a clean and easy alternative to human baby urine diaper testing purposes. This allows manufacturers of diapers and other devices the ability to test their products safely. Another use for Quick Fix Plus is with metals corrosion testing. Urine is one of the corrosive substances on earth. We have successfully supplied manufacturers with fake pee for testing metal coatings for corrosion resistance.

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