On the Mend: Repairing Wholesale Glass Pipes

On the Mend: Repairing Wholesale Glass Pipes

Published by Alyssa on Oct 15th 2021

There, on the ground are shattered dreams, the remnants of your wholesale water pipe, the fragments of your soul and the devastated remains of the memories and good times you’ve shared. You think to yourself, “My beloved pipe is lost forever and I am once again a victim to the consequences of gravity”. The break in the water pipe runs almost as deep as the break in your heart and as you pick up the pieces, you may also cling to the fleeting hope of salvaging your cherished smoking receptacle so the love affair can be continued. Well, you’re in luck, as we’re here to give you a comprehensive guide to if and how your treasured smoking companion can be revived.

What to Do

1. Assess the Damage

water pipe that has shattered into thousands and thousands of pieces will likely not be recoverable. Similar to a totaled car, there is little to no hope of restoring it back to its’ former glory and it will be time to lay that dear wholesale smoking accessory to rest. A wholesale water pipe with a broken percolator is unfortunately another one for the bin, However, if the break was clean, with two or more separate but whole pieces and little to no shards, then that makes it that much easier to salvage and repair for temporary use.

2. Determine the Method of Repair

Once you’ve grieved over and evaluated the nature of the pipe breakage, then you can begin forming a game plan for self-repair, if possible. There are various options available depending on personal preference, skill level, and the type of break. Substances that definitely aren’t viable for any part of the pipe that’s heated are super-glue, Loctite, and putty sealants as they contain properties that are toxic when heated. Super glue is the least effective option as it doesn’t bond to glass, however Loctite glass glue does and can be used for aesthetic accents of a wholesale glass pipe or water pipe, just not any major component.

Types of Repairs

1. Duct Tape

The most readily available and quite possibly least effective course of action for repairing wholesale pipes is duct tape, but it can be a quick and temporary fix in lieu of a more permanent solution. It has potential to be, for a short time, water resistant and provide a decent air seal and reinforce a broken neck, stem, or base of a water pipe. It may also be a conceivable fix for a hand pipe broken in half if wrapped a few times around. However, just because something is functional does not mean it is ideal.

2. Food Grade Silicone

This is a feasible, non-toxic solution if looking for a repair that lasts longer than duct tape as it seals like a pro, doesn’t crack, dry out, or crumble away. The downside is that it does peel off relatively easily and doesn’t really provide structural support, making it malleable for the parts of pipes that are frequently handled and ideal for simple chips or cracks such as in the joints or base of the water pipe.

3. Two-Component Epoxy

A non-toxic and long-lasting remedy, heat-resistant (otherwise known as two-component or food grade) epoxy is another practical fix but works best when employed on clean breaks. Using a bit of high-grit sandpaper will soften out any jagged edges and provide a stronger seal. Some recommend using a glass cutter and establishing a clean break if there isn't one for an ideal seal. The seal may deteriorate if left in water too long, so keep that in mind if the break is near the base and try to empty the water pipe diligently between uses.

4. Professional Repair

Nothing rivals a professional glassblower’s quality when it comes to repairing your trooper of a water pipe or wholesale hand pipe. They have the kilns and the torches necessary for a true and long-lasting restoration and while it may run you between $20 to $300 depending on the circumstances, it’ll provide the peace of mind that it was repaired safely and correctly. Be sure to clean any evidence of previous repairs from the pipe prior to taking it in as it may hinder their ability to work on it. Of course, at that rate, it may be worth it to cut your losses and purchase a new piece, but if you’re sentimental over it, then it may be worth your while.

While there really isn’t a fail-proof way of self-repair, we have listed some of the most feasible and practical methods intended for short-term or occasional use. It’s unrealistic to expect that any repair one could make to a precious piece of smoking paraphernalia to even touch the scope of a professional’s ability, but it does empower the do-it-yourselfers when there are alternative options. If your customers don’t feel like putting the effort in to a self-repair or investing the money into a pro, then shopping for a new piece is the way to go, and luckily you’ve reached just the right place for new wholesale hand pipes and wholesale water pipes

Additionally, if you have a piece in your order that arrived broken or damaged, then we strongly encourage you to refer to the claims sheet included in with the invoice or our claims policy here and return policy here.