Opening Packages for Dummies: Receiving Your Wholesale Smoking Supplies Shipment

Opening Packages for Dummies: Receiving Your Wholesale Smoking Supplies Shipment

Published by Alyssa on Sep 17th 2021

Picture this scenario, valued customer, if you will. You’ve browsed our extensive assortment of wholesale smoking supplies and accessories, selected the ones with the best opportunity for success at your shop, maybe even fallen in love with a few specific pieces. Then, tragedy strikes when the bubble or foam wrap unwraps in such a way that your prized wholesale hand pipe or bulk water pipe falls upon the floor, and cracks or shatters instantly. Knowing this all could have been prevented only angers and upsets you. You think to yourself, “If only there was a comprehensive guide with photos to shield me from such despair”. Well, your prayers to not incur further misery have been answered as we have the tips and the tricks to safeguard your products from sure destruction before they hit the shelf.

Included in each one of our boxes is your invoice – the key to ensuring all you wholesale head shop accessories are accounted for. Once located, you may proceed with removing the items from the box at whatever pace you deem necessary; either carefully and individually removing the bags of bulk pipes and wholesale water pipes from the box or haphazardly dumping them out on a floor or table (not recommended). Once everything’s out, the real work begins.

Step 1: Locate and identify any non-fragile items such as wholesale vaporizers, bulk rolling papers, wholesale CBD for resale, wholesale grinders or detox products, and set them aside or verify their quantities immediately. Then, separate products by product type (wholesale glass pipes, metal pipes, water pipes, etc.) then by SKU, creating areas for each, and ensuring all SKUs are visible.

Step 2: Work largest to smallest. Wholesale water pipes will have the most wrapping and will be the most involved to unpackage, so there is greater potential for smaller items getting unintentionally knocked about or lost within it. Carefully find the edge of the foam or bubble wrap and unroll it safely with cushioning below, as sometimes the water pipe’s bowl or stem is wrapped further inside the packaging. If bubble wrapped, gently cut the tape along the crease. Continue removing packaging, counting, and checking off SKUs with the invoice until all water pipes for resale are unwrapped and their wrapping is discarded or set aside (for damage claims).

Step 3: While some wholesale bubblers have glass on glass connections, others will not, in which case simply remove the rubber band and carefully unravel the foam wrap or cut the tape securing the foam wrap and follow the same protocol as the bulk water pipes and bulk glass pipes.

Step 4: Now for one of the most time-consuming processes: checking the wholesale glass pipes. Keep in mind many of our glass pipes in bulk are wrapped in bundles of 2 to 10, depending on size, so to minimize any drops, keep the bundles on a solid surface or over a soft surface such as bubble wrap. We typically bag pipes by the quantity you ordered or the most we can fit in a bag, whichever is fewer, regardless, all pipes are labelled with the SKU and quantity.

Note: Branded items such as Empire Glassworks are usually wrapped individually to prevent damage in transit. If a piece does arrive damaged, then please retain all packaging for the damage claim.

Step 5: Check-in the other, non-breakable pipes, including but not limited to wholesale metal pipes, bulk wood pipes, or wholesale silicone pipes for resale. Again, these will typically be packaged in a bag with the SKU and quantity visible. While it is unusual for these pieces to be damaged, we recommend briefly looking over each piece.

Step 6: Verify bowl, banger, and other component quantities and inspect closely for damages such as cracks or other imperfections. Oftentimes, these irregularities are overlooked until a customer is interested in purchasing them, so it’s best to nip any such issues in the bud.

At the end of the day, we are imperfect beings and *do* occasionally make mistakes, so if you are missing items from your shipment, then please contact us. Additionally, bad things happen, and glass may break in transit despite our best efforts to coddle and protect it, so if you do receive damaged glass, we’re always more than willing to work with you on a solution (i.e. an account credit, a replacement, or a refund). For information on filing a damage claim, please check here or refer to the sheet included with the shipment. We hope this guide assists in the prevention of mostly preventable accidents and serves as a potential starting point of the receiving process. Of course different methods work better for different types of businesses, but do you know what always works? Shopping for more products! Browse our selection so that you can put this guide to use here.